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Contemporary Art in the Center of Historic Prague

Galerie Havelka is located not far from the Havelske Marketplace, across from the Romanesque St. Martin's Church, which has been known as "Martin in the Wall" since the days when protective walls surrounded the city.

Galerie Havelka offers an uncommon artistic space for graphic and visual artists and glass makers of all ages. The basic circle of artists who will exhibit will predominantly be graduates of the School of Applied Arts such as Jan Hísek, Kryštof Krejča, Roman Hudziec, Vít Soukup, Eliška Pokorná, Patrik Hábl and others.

Sculptures are represented not only by world-renowned masters, distinguished Czech glass makers, and students of the Academy of Applied Arts, Architecture and Design, and the Prague Glass Studio of Vladimir Kopecky, but also by young talented hopefuls: Prof. Vladimír Kopecký, Ladislav Oliva sr., Petr Vlček, Ladislav Oliva jr., Eva Vlčková, Anna Polanská, Lada Semecká, Martin Hlubuček, Barbora Křivská and Tomáš Košťál.

The Gallery's first private viewing was held May 18, 2005; and during this month it also took part in the prestigious Prague Art Fair held for private art gallery exhibits.

This is the only unique and contemporary art setting in an historical section of Prague!

I look forward to your visit.

Street view of the Gallery

Interior of the Gallery